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About us

As a family owned business founded in 2010, we strive to maintain the original recipes and provide the flavours that have been passed down from generation to generation.

From our salsas to each exceptional dish, we give it that zest that brings back memories and transports you to a time and a place in Mexico. And if you haven’t been there, our food is a way of experiencing our culture and traditions.

As a proud family from Mexico City, we put time and care into every little detail, this allows us to provide that home cooked meal taste that everyone craves.

Our menu is just like the Mexican saying “COMO MEXICO NO HAY DOS” each dish is unique in its own way, but the one thing we can all agree on, is that Mexico city’s speciality are the “GARNACHAS” also known as “STREET FOOD” such as huaraches, gorditas, quesadillas, sopes, pambazos and of course tacos that just make your mouth water, this and more exquisite items are available at our restaurant.

Join us and experience the authentic flavours of Mexican food.




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